Private: Dermaplaning

Remove unwanted vellus hair and achieve visible results with dermaplaning.
The perfect service for any skin type & a highly safe and effective alternative for deeper exfoliation,
for nursing or pregnant women.

Dermaplaning utilizes a surgical scalpel to gently and safely, remove dead cells, vellus hair (peach fuzz) 
and build up on the top layer of the skin that causes clogged pores, flaking and pre-mature aging.

Diminish lines/wrinkles, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation,
and enjoy flawless makeup applications, along with better product penetration,
with this effective rejuvenating treatment. 


Dermaplane….. 70

approx. 30min

A full face skin analysis + dermaplaning treatment.



Add Neck….. 15

Add a neck dermaplaning treatment to any  dermaplaning service for extended results. 

Dermaplaning+Facial Peel….. 150

approx. 7omin

A full face skin analysis + dermaplaning treatment. Followed by a peel masque for even deeper exfoliation and product penetration. Proceeded with the Just Be. Signature Facial massage techniques and soothing masque.


+Dermaplane….. 60

approx. 20min

Nano-needling is made highly
effective when done in conjunction
with dermaplaning.

For 20% off you can add 
on a full face dermaplane to any
nano treatment.