Achieve impacting skin rejuvenation results, with non-invasive Nano Technology.

Nano needles are pyramid like tips of surgical steel, smaller than a human hair, that oscillate, to gently and effectively, divide the cells of the skin allowing for your skins natural healing repair process to promote collagen and elasticity. Nano needles re-arrange skin cells, and allow for increased product penetration by up to 97%. Your complexion is instantly refreshed & hydrated.

What is Nano-Needling?

Similar to the treatment known as Microneedling, Nano-needling (or Nano Infusion) infuses rich nutrients and antioxidants into the skin while speeding up cell turnover, plumping fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating dull areas and lifting by building collagen and elasticity. This treatment is also beneficial in treating mild acne, hyper-pigmentation and superficial acne scars.

NanoInfusion Facial240

approx. 90 min.

This facial includes an enzyme exfoliation, LED light therapy, a full face Nano-Needling treatment, and the Just Be. Signature Facial massage areas (hands, neck and feet)

These treatments all come together to bring out your natural glow!


*Neck treatment is not included with Nano Facials

**Add all treatments to your neck for $65 (exfoliation, LED, Nano-Needling & a treatment mask).


NanoGlow Facial… 250

approx. 80 min

Get the ultimate non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, with a Chemical Peel, LED light therapy, full face NanoInfusion, plus Signature massage areas.

Complete with clinical products that all leave your skin fresh and glowing!


*Neck treatment is not included with Nano Facials

**Add all treatments to your neck for $85 (LED, Peel, Nano-Needling & soothing mask).

Nano Needling Facial Packages


Purchase 4 or 8 treatments and receive 15% off the regular purchase price.


NanoInfusion Facial Package

4 Treatments (save 15%)960 816

8 Treatments (save 15%)… 1,920  1,632


NanoGlow Facial Package

4 Treatments (save 15%)… 1,000  850

8 Treatments (save 15%)2,000  1,700

Treatment packages are best utilized when booked back to back in a series.
Package prices must be paid in full before booking treatment packages.

Nano Infusion Problem Solvers

approx. 30 min.

All problem solvers include a gentle cleanse of the problem area + a conditioning treatment.

          • Add LED therapy to any treatment for $25




Lips… 45

*After care is important when receiving any skin rejuvenating treatments and should be adhered to, for proper healing and optimal results. 


What does it feel like?

This is a pain-free, no downtime, non-invasive treatment. You will feel light pressure along with a vibrating sensation.

How often should I get a Nano-needling treatment?

Nano-needling can be done as often as every week. For specific skin concerns and optimal results, it is recommended to do a series of treatments. Ask your esthetician to discover the best ways to enhance your results.

What can I expect after this treatment?

Immediately following treatment the skin will be slightly pink in color, and depending on skins sensitivity will have a tingling sensation as blood flow and circulation are rapidly increasing. 

Days 1-4 you will experience skin feeling more tight, plump and glowing. Expect scaling to occur 2-6 days after, revealing even greater results of smoothness, and hydration.

Days 5-7 you will experience noticeable results of smoothness, a more even complexion, and reduction of the targeted skin concern. 



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