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Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your eyes & lashes with customized Eyelash Extensions.

Extensions are adhered to each natural lash with professional grade adhesive, resulting in more length, curl & thickness

Classic Set by Brooke
Classic Set ….. 200   

A single extension applied to each natural eyelash compliments your eye & face shape with a natural, yet enhanced, makeup free look.  

Classic Fill ….. 65
Keep your lash set full & in shape.
*Fills are necessary for the maintenance of your eyelash extensions every 2-4 weeks and require at least 40% of your current extensions to be in tact. If more time is needed for additional lashes additional charges may apply.
Classic Partial Fill ….. 35

Keep fullness between regular fills and during the shedding seasons, or enhance thickness & length before a special occasion or time away.

Handmade Volume Set .. 225

Feel luxurious every day.
Handmade fans of 2-8 extensions are adhered to each natural lash helping fill in sparse gaps and giving more fullness, texture, & depth to your eyes. 
Volume sets are the perfect replacement for lash strips & mascara and can be personalized to guests eye & face shape or desired look.

Handmade Volume Fill
….. 75

Handmade fans of 2-8 extensions are adhered to each natural lash
Due to out grown extensions, and the natural lash life cycle, as well as, your consistency of at home care, extensions will shed, requiring maintenance.
*Fill are necessary every 3-4 weeks & require at least 40% of your current extensions to be in tact. If more time is needed other charges may apply. 
Handmade Volume Partial Fill ….. 45

Partial fills are done weekly, to keep fullness during the shedding seasons and enhance thickness and length before an event or time away.

Eyelash Extension Removal ….. 35
Lashes are soaked in a professional-grade cream remover for gentle ease of removal.




Rest & renew with stress relieving massage techniques, enhanced by clinically tested skincare formulas. Enjoy a complimentary consultation & safe, result targeting skincare; NO sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrance or dyes. 

Refresher Facial ….. 50
Take a moment and refresh your senses with a gentle cleansing, enhancing facial massage, treatment mask & hand/arm massage. Complete with clinical serums, moisturizer & SPF.
Just Be. Signature Facial ….. 80
A custom facial cleanse, exfoliation, & two personalized treatment masks, followed by relaxing massage techniques. Finish with clinical serum, moisturizer and SPF.
Be. Beautiful Facial Peel ….. 95
60 min
A gentle facial cleanse, followed by a professional grade peel, soothing treatment mask, & stress relieving massage. Completed with nourishing serums, moisturizer and SPF. 

*Due to varying skin types, facial peels begin as a series, starting with an Active Enzyme Treatment, and progressing through Bioelements Lactic Acid Peels and a 25% Glycolic Peel.



A welcoming alternative to the everyday task of shaving. Get smoother, longer lasting results with professional waxing.

Utilizing a lavender infused soft wax that counters irritation, and a gentle hard wax for sensitive areas, each service is personalized to your need.

Over the course of time, consistent waxing will break down hair follicles
making hair less dense & resulting in softer, less noticeable hair growth.
Waxing is recommended every 3-4 weeks depending on individual hair growth cycles.

*Hair must be 1/4″ in length for effective removal.

Brow ….. 18
Lip ….. 15
….. 18
….. 20
Underarm….. 25
Half arm
….. 25
Full arm
….. 35
Half leg ….. 40
Full leg
….. 55
Bikini ….. 35
….. 55


Create definition & feel confident in your bare skin, with added color to your brows and lashes.
Tints last 3-4 weeks after application.

Eyebrows ….. 15
Eyelashes ….. 20

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Cancellation Policy
The spa requires a minimum of a 24 hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to notify the provider within this time frame will result in a 40% charge of the scheduled service.
Thank you for your courtesy & understanding. 

Updos & makeup application by special request (please inquire below)